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【Netherlands Vlog】A day trip to Rotterdam where the famous port town EP 35

Working holiday

Walk around in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the city which is well known port in Europe. We walked to the Erasmusbrug that is a famous bridge in Rotterdam to find some interesting places. This is a large city like Amsterdam and The Hague. How does the area look?
Around Rotterdam Blaak station, there are a lot of people like the shopping district such as fashion brands, restaurants, cafes and others. Based on our spending, we explored the waterfront area without the shopping district this time.

The video shows you a few touristic attractions where you can see freely. Also a trendy bookstore, Cube houses, Markthal and other cool places. It was not a perfect weather, but it could be a typical Dutch weather. Have fun!

Locations about Rotterdam attractions

There are places where we have been visited in the video.



Port Pavilion

Bookstore Donner

The Low Light of the Hook Of Holland

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