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【Life in Netherlands】Try foreign-made Cup Noodles EP 26

Working holiday

Cup Noodles sold outside of Japan

There are no asian supermarket around my place, so we usually have instant noodles sold in the local supermarket. When we went to “東方行 Amazing Oriental” in Den Haag, we found BIG Cup Noodles that are familiar with our life in Japan!
It’s a little pricey than other noodles we can buy at the local stores, but we bought this for our lucky day as we’ve just obtained our working holiday visa (residence permit).

We got two flavors such as 豚骨濃湯味(Tonkotsu Flavor) and XO醤海鮮味(XO sauce seafood Flavor). We haven’t seen these flavor in Japan, so we tried and reported them.

Nissin Cup Noodle is very famous in Japan, but the one made overseas (made in Hong Kong this time) tastes different even the same flavor as that of Japan.

Enjoy our beginner report!


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