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MK’s moment in the hotel EP 21

Working holiday

Staying at the hotel in the Netherlands

We googled what happens when we move to the new country during the pandemic. I believe there are more people do same as us. The result shows which country we can travel during this situation, but we were not able to get the information afterwards. There might be people who are thinking to study abroad, working holiday, moving abroad and others.

Due to the current situation in the Netherlands, we haven’t got the working holiday visa yet. So we choose to stay at the hotel because we don’t know when we can get our visas.

It could happen when you move to the new country. It might happen if you can’t find the place to stay except for hotels.

According to these reasons, we created a video which shows you how we spend time at the hotel after moving to Holland. We guess it is interesting for you as we only can use a kettle in the room. Also, we don’t use a washing machine to save our money.

Hopefully you enjoy this video!


Leave a comment if you have any questions or something else. We are really glad if you like the video and subscribe our channel. See you later.