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[European life] Dutch daily living expenses EP 46

Working holiday

Is life in Europe expensive?

Many people think that cost of living in Europe is more expensive than in Japan, but how about the real? We, who are coming to the Netherlands on a working holiday, summarized the story of our daily lives, including the actual money we spent.

We are going to talk about the monthly living expenses such as clothing, food expenses, rent, smartphone charges, travel expenses of public transportation, a little profit to enjoy daily life well.

It would be great if you could watch and enjoy the similarities and services that Japan does not have through our daily life and way of thinking.


Put some links which are introduced in the video.


A chain store that sells not only rice cookers and hot sandwich makers but also various miscellaneous goods.

Welkom bij Blokker, de huishoudwinkel van Nederland
De winkel voor iedereen, met een ruim assortiment aan goede en betaalbare artikelen voor het huishouden, speelgoed en tuinmeubelen. Bestel gemakkelijk en snel e...

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