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【Netherlands Life】Self study Dutch in English EP 34

Working holiday

Better life with Dutch language

A Japanese couple is learning Dutch in English by ourselves. We will introduce you how to study Dutch and how fun it is with our textbook!

Should I learn Dutch even if I stay in the Netherlands only one year.
What do you use for Dutch study?
How long do you study in a day?

We hope that this video will be useful to you who are thinking about moving to the Netherlands or working holiday program.

Dutch language textbook

We decided to study Dutch by ourselves as we would like to communicate with the local people in their language. We look for a textbook which we can learn from basic grammars.

We bought this textbook recommended at ”Paagman Books Delft”in Delft.

Dutch for Self-study with download audio -Prisma (ISBN:9789000351312)

Other brunches are also located in Den Haag.
Check the detail on the website below.

Paagman | boeken, cadeaus en kantoorartikelen
Profiteer van het grote aanbod; Boeken, Kantoorartikelen, Studieboeken, Ereaders, Muziek, Dvd's en nog veel meer bij Paagman voor al uw boeken en ka...

Studying Dutch in English is good for reviewing English. Also the dialogue on the textbook is like real Dutch life, so it is fun to learn. You should try to learn Dutch with the local book.

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See you later.