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【Netherlands Life】Open Dutch bank ABN AMRO EP 40

Working holiday

How to choose the bank

We opened a Dutch bank account “ABN AMRO” to get a Maestro debit card called “PIN card” which is indispensable for living in the Netherlands. This video talks about why we chose ABN AMRO and why we decided to open a silver account in the first place.

Three major Dutch banks: ING, ABN AMRO, Rabobank
Online banks: Bunq、N26 (German bland)
Do I need to reserve a bank branch to open an account? Can you open online?
Is English available?
How about the security?

We will tell you the reason why we chose from various factors from our point of view.
A bank debit card is convenient for living in the Netherlands.
We hope it will be helpful for people who are considering opening an account.


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