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[Supermarket] What are the differences between Japan and the Netherlands!? EP 41

Working holiday

Good to know as a working holiday

Since we came to the Netherlands on a working holiday as a Japanese, we would like to discover a lot of things which are new and fun for us. This time, we talked about supermarkets that we often use in our daily life.

Supermarkets are basically targeted at local people, not tourists. In other words, products are displayed according to the lifestyle and culture of the local people, so it is one of the places you want to check first when you go to a different location.

It’s fun just to see the differences between the products sold, but it’s even more interesting to imagine the lives of people that can be seen from how they sell and buy.

・Herb potted plants are on sale
・The entrance to the supermarket is strict
・Self-weight selling of vegetables
・There are few ready-made meals
・Lots of tapas
・Lots of wine
・System of PET bottle recycling
・Quality of bread
・Display time zone
・Plastic shopping bag

We had a conversation casually with such contents. We hope it will be helpful as one of the ways to enjoy working holiday life and immigrant life overseas.


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