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【Netherlands Life】 House, Job, Weather, Recent situation EP 32

Working holiday

Spring is just around the corner

It’s been three months since we started working-holiday life in the Netherlands. Finally, the long winter is almost over, and spring is just around the corner. In this video, we would like to tell you about “Housing, Job hunting, weather in spring and the recent situation in the Netherlands”.

Are you interested in life in the Netherlands?
It it hard to find the apartment?
What about the job hunting during the COVID-19 situation?
How’s weather in March?
Is there any differences in our lives due to situations between Russia and Ukraine?

We talk about the atmosphere of people and the city in March, 2022, also the actual conditions of the working holiday program.

It is not easy to survive the working holiday life by oneself. Although I was prepared for the situation, it is more difficult than I expected.

Hopefully our information would help someone who is interested in the Netherlands and us.


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See you later.