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【Travel in Netherlands】Cards walk #1 Wateringen EP 24

Working holiday

How to make it fun

This is the first time to live in the Netherlands. We want to find something new because we are here instead of traveling. It might be possible to find some good places which are not listed in the travel guide. However we don’t want to spend a lot of money. Accoding to our previous “project meeting” at the hotel, we came up with the idea “Cards walk”.

Cards walk

The game is quite simple. We just need to draw a card before traveling. Its suit and number of the card indicates where we go. Then we follow the compass on foot. The budget is maximum four euros.

It must be an adventure as we know nothing about this area.
We can explore a little bit far as we need to walk at least one killometers.
We can try something new every time.
That’s good for our health, right?

Accordingly a Japanese couple walks around somewhere in the Netherlands.


Rijswijk is a good town to live as it is close to the Hague, but there is nothing special for tourists. Through Cards walk, we want to know more about local spots in the Netherlnads.
We have no idea what we can show you as there is no destination. Hopefully we can share something interesting for you.

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