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The first week in Den Haag EP 15

Working holiday


It’s been one week since we got to the Netherlands.
We are getting used to live in this country bit by bit.

Due to the pandemic, we understand that the current situation is different from the past.
Have some fun with watching our lives and the atmosphere of the country.


We haven’t expected this kind of serious restrictions everywhere in the city. It reminds me my previous lifestyle when I was in Thailand during the lockdown.

As we haven’t got our visa yet, we are unable to activate our Japanese vaccine passport into the app in the NL. It means we are not allowed to eat at any restaurants. It is unbearable to eat outside even if we get something to go.

Fourtunately we haven’t experienced anything before the pandemic, so it might be easier to get used to this lifestyle for us.

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

See you later.