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【Working holiday】Job hunting process report ~Dutch Hotel~ EP 43

Working holiday

Working at a hotel in the Netherlands

Finding a local job is an event faced by working holiday and immigrants. We will introduce the job search, selection process, and the feelings of actually working.

This video is Part 2, and we are talking about M’s job, which started working at a hotel in the Netherlands.

When did you start looking for a job?
How did you find a job?
What kind of job did you apply for?
How many did you apply?
What kind of place did you fail in the selection?
What kind of work did you decide on?
What are the period from application to contract?
What is your employment status?
How do you work?
Do you need to speak Dutch?
What are your impressions of actually working?

We have completely different jobs in the logistics industry and the hotel travel and hospitality industry. The search method and selection process differed depending on the industry, so I would be grateful if you could refer to each experience.

The other video about working from home is below.


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