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Comparison between Japan and the Netherlands EP 19

Working holiday

Currently in the Netherlands.

We have stayed in the Netherlands for a month. As a Japanese couple, we talked about the weather, food, COVID-19 situation, language and public transportations in the Nethelands.

How is the life in the Netherlands?
How cold it is?
What kind of food can we get? And how much do we pay for them?
Can we communicate in English?
Are Dutch public transportations good?

Also we talked about the current COVID-19 situation in January 2022.

It is still in the lockdown, but hopefully our information would help someone who is interested in the Netherlands.

Information for anyone who wants to go abroad

It is not easy to recall when you began something new after a long time. We can say that is exactly same for going abroad from my experiences. That’s why we did a video for all those who are interested in living in the Netherlands, we were here a month ago.

Summarizing many contents into one video could be hard to understand for you. We have tried as much as we can. So hopefully you have enjoyed the video.

Leave a comment if you have any questions. We are really glad if you like the video and subscribe our channel.
See you later.