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[Netherlands Travel]A day trip to the pottery town Delft for shopping EP 37

Working holiday

Fashionable Dutch Town

We walked to Delft for getting an ice cream and potteries. Since we live near The Hague, there is Delft close by. The town is well known under the name of Delftware.The ambulance is a traditional European model. According to the Japanese travel guide book, the city is called ancient city. The city is full of people, from the young to the old, and the atmosphere seems practical to live in.

The video shows you the paths of Rijswijk, wild animals, birds, delicious ice cream, introduction on the pottery we purchased. It is a daily Vlog of a Dutch working holiday of Japanese couple, so I hope you enjoy it with a relaxing feeling.

Delft sightseeing places

Here is the information on the venues in the YouTube video.

New Church(Nieuwe Kerk)

This is the ideal location to take some photos when you visit.

City Hall(Stadhuis)

It is a magnificent and quaint building, and it is sure to enter the standard route for tourists. It’s right across from the New Church, so it’s nice to see it as a set. Since it is a city hall for Delft citizens, the surroundings of the building are filled with visitors’ bicycles, which gives a nice Dutch atmosphere.

Old Church(Oude Kerk)

Although a little far from the center of the city, the characteristic building, which is slightly tilted, can be seen from all over the city as you head toward the New Church of Delft Station. It’s a very tall building, so even if you don’t go close to it, it will be reflected in the photo and will have a strong presence as a background.

Ice cream shop(Chocolaterie De Lelie)

An ice cream shop that has a lot of reviews on Google Maps and is highly evaluated. Perhaps there are many local customers, Dutch was spoken when I was in the line, but orders can be placed in English without problems, but payment is not possible in cash. It was available for purchase with a Mastercard (when visiting 2022).

Mug shop(Simon Lévelt koffie & thee Delft)

The store is full of coffee and tea related equipment and pottery. There are many pottery designs that symbolize the Netherlands, but the feature is that you can get the ones that you can usually use. The price isn’t too high, so it’s perfect as a reward for yourself or as a souvenir for your loved ones.

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See you later.